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Budgeting & planning do not have to be a strain on your organization.
Numlix simplifies your business planning by eliminating spreadsheet processes and by creating a single sources of thruth. We do this based on our in-house FP&A expertise combined with Anaplan or Power BI.

Our work leads to solid budgeting and financial planning that translates into growth throughout your organisation.

Financial planning your beast of burden?

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How we do it

We optimize processes, make data transparent, invest in digitalization with a view to absolute performance and reduce number crunching to a minimum.

By choosing contemporary cloud solutions that are modeled on your business needs, you save costs, can make faster and data-driven decisions and plan based on a single version of the truth.

We are the partner for financial departments within medium-sized and large companies that aim for tangible business value. Companies that aim for transparency, centralization of transparent data and, on top of that, want to use outstanding reporting methods.

Official Anaplan partner

Anaplan services

Power BI services

Our cooperation leads to unique solutions that enable you to align your business strategy with your operational plans.


What we did for our clients

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