FP&A was our first love, and it will be our last.

Numlix was lifted under the wings of the Ufinity Group.
Our years of experience and input from our customers created a lot of input about performance, number crunching and the “unwieldy” work.

We speak the language of financials. We know the priorities, the objectives and the hick-ups within such departments. In terms of background and education, we are in the same target group.

Numlix is no diggity a solid partner for your organisation, especially for your finance department.

Let’s meet…

Ine Meeussen


An admirer of all things that have to do with finance, automation and HR-services.

Mario Poncin

Pasfoto Mario

With a baggage in sales, our colleague Mario ensures the perfect partnerships between Numlix and our customers.

Gil Noël


Our driven Anaplan Consultant who knows the ins and outs of financial planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Stijn Tack


Hafid Sadiki


An experienced Project Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in Accounting, Controlling, Audit en Process Improvement.

Dominique Moolenaar

Pasfoto Dominique

Our go-to person for a thousand and one things.  From admin to invoicing she can do it all.

Sarah Abattoui


Sarah is our hands-on All-round Marketeer with the motto: Be positive!


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