Power BI

Paradise by the dashboard light

We translate today’s reporting into strong visual dashboards with storytelling as the central factor. This is so that management can make strategic decisions.

BI helps organisations to take well-founded operational and strategic decisions and uses operational knowledge to do so. Making connections, predicting trends and following developments are just a few logical consequences of BI.

Numlix is committed to Power BI. We do not sell licences ourselves, but we have a lot of expertise in setting up dashboards without you having to define a complete change management policy.

All Excel wizards switch easily to Power BI. Together we do the first set-up and help you further until you have fully mastered everything.

I can see clearly now

Thanks to Power BI’s existing interfaces, you can easily integrate it with your existing application landscape. The beauty of Power BI is that you and your colleagues can analyse data relevant to your job on the same platform. Powerful models and reports with fixed formats help to make every analysis perfect.

Besides the above benefits, we choose Power BI as a tool because it is continuously developed. Every week new updates appear for optimization. These updates are based on input from the Power BI community, which has countless members all over the world.

Controllable costs

Power BI Desktop is free to use. If you want to go more in depth with Power BI Pro, you pay € 8,40 per month per user. This way you can offer business intelligence and analysis to everyone in your organization in a cost effective way.

Are you already using other dashboarding software? That is not a problem. Our people have a lot of knowledge of other tooling. We also have partnerships with Tableau and Alteryx implementation partners.