Your bridge over troubled water

What we do and how we do it

We guide you to a single source of truth so that your decisions are based on real-time information at all times. Together, we minimise number crunching and ensure that your business profiles excel at what they were hired to do.

We want to help you transition to an organization without blind spots. We aim to help you establish a clear and unified view across your various business segments.

Because, shared insights enable your teams to continuously model, forecast and synchronize actions across your entire enterprise – from the CFO to regional operations to the most remote factory floor.

Sometimes the pace and rhythm differ between departments. We make sure you get back on the same track.

Are we describing you correctly?

  • You lead or are part of a medium or corporate Financial Planning & Business Controlling Team.
  • You want to be a trusted business partner, want to create real business value with the data within your organization.
  • The overload of manual processes and Excel templates, long budgeting processes and planning, forecasting and controlling challenges…make user-friendly financial planning a real quest for you.

Count on me – us

360 Degree Financial Planning & Business Controlling

Anaplan Implementation Services

Anaplan Post-Implementation Services

Training for Financial Planning & Business Controlling Teams

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Our process improvements revitalize and engage teams. It breaks the boring daily rhythm and challenges inefficient processes.

We look at Financial Planning & Business Controlling processes from an overall perspective and tackle the processes that cause the most hassle.

We make an Analysis of the as-is situation and see how we can get to the to-be situation together. You can count on us for forecasting, Rolling forecast, scenario planning, zero based budgeting. We digitize and eliminate number crunching.

Of course, you don’t have to do without us after the solution is implemented. You can reinstate us for support or benefit from our expertise through consultancy.