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In addition to our knowledge and expertise in 360 financial planning, you can count on Numlix as a valuable training partner.

You can count on us when you want your people to get more out of data, want to build clear dashboards, want them to grow in modelling.


Model building training Anaplan

This training revolves around the basics of Anaplan concepts and technical modeling skills that you need to constructively participate in an Anaplan implementation. We guide you in building a financial model and provide you with a solid knowledge base.


Scenario planning & rolling forecasting

In finance, planning is critical to success. But how do you plan for the unknown? Learn how to predict the future and decide how the organization should deal with change.


From number crunching to modeling

Learn to define metrics that measure the outcome you want. At the same time, learn how to assess your result based on the ability of your model to reduce uncertainty.


Data Storytelling

Data storytelling provides you with this context necessary to discover the relationship between certain data. Data storytelling provides you with a human perspective on a complex, rapidly changing world of data. Get trained in the combination of diving into data, developing the right visualization, gathering relevant insights and creating a story around them.


Power BI

Successful companies make the best decisions faster thanks to business analysis. Whatever your ambitions, analysis is an essential element in defining your strategy and achieving your goals. During this multi-day Power BI training, you will get simple analytical tools to visualize data clearly and gain valuable insights.

The Numlix Academy

Struggling with your in-house Anaplan knowledge? Want to become self-sufficient in maintaining your Anaplan eco-system? Search no more, we are here for you! Our Numlix Academy trainings allow you to fully focus on improving your internal Anaplan skills and preparing you for your Anaplan certifications in the most efficient way.

If you are interested, we would love to hear how we can tailor our training to your business needs.

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