360 degree planning and BI

The Road Ahead



We kick off with a workshop that closely involves your Financial Planning Experts and Business Controllers.

During this workshop we map from a helicopter view your Financial Planning & Business Controlling Processes. We map these to best practices of high-performing organizations. Because we want you to be simply the best.

Afterwards, there is a clear picture of recommendations according to priority.


Roadmap strategy

We translate the strategy into practice to immediately improve five processes for financial planning & business controlling. In addition, we identify three long-term, high-priority improvements. Hello from the other side.

Immediate improvements

Improvements in the areas of process communication, key process templates, removing overlapping, duplicate or redundant process steps and introducing new value-added activities.

For long-term, high priority improvements, we develop your process improvement roadmap for financial planning and business control. This will be drawn up in a three-year roadmap to make your team and your Financial Planning & Business Controlling more engaged, transparent, flexible and effective.

In addition to the roadmap, we compile a complete Process Design Playbook for the processes with the highest priority for improvement.

This phase has a lead time of up to eight weeks and depends on the level of complexity and the number of stakeholders to be interviewed.


Roadmap delivery

High-quality deliverables

  • Financial planning & business controlling processes roadmap
  • Plan for immediate improvement with supporting assets: Process communication, key process templates, process design improvements.
  • Complete Process Design Playbook for high priority financial planning & business controlling processes, with process design blueprint, process steps and timing, team responsibilities, process metrics to determine process health, tailored to your system landscape.
    • Optional: Independent comparison of 3-4 Financial Planning & Business Controlling Tools available on the market and making recommendations based on transparent criteria.

A roadmap but no concrete plans? No thanks. We review progress monthly and guarantee fine-tuning where necessary.

Do we notice that you could use that little extra? Then we have the right skills and experience to coach your Financial Planning & Business Controlling Team. We focus on how to benefit from 360-degree Financial Planning & Business Controlling Processes Model in an independent way to make the change sustainable.


Implementation Services

Twist and shout

Need additional action and manpower? We will help you implement the recommended optimizations and get you started. Our services start and end where you say you need them and focus on as much impact as possible in relation to the effort.

You can also count on Numlix for stand-alone services

  • Aligned planning landscape: Strategic Plan – Annual Plan (Budget) – Rolling Forecast
  • Scenario Planning & Analysis
  • Cost Management & Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Performance Management based on Drivers
  • Balanced Score Card / Management KPI Score Card Development

Check out our Anaplan Implementation services and discover how we can make Anaplan Connected Planning platform fit smoothly into your life.


Continuity of Expertise
(Anaplan Post-Implementation)

People (with our own Anaplan model builders)

We find that even when you are already live (or not), changes are requested, or reports need to be linked to other departments. And that’s no problem! You can count on us for:

  • Continuity of your Anaplan model & sharing of expertise
  • Audit
  • Improvements

Get to know the business consultants that can help you with this:

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