Road to financial Zion

Numlix wants to provide finance teams and other connected departments with tangible added value so that number crunching is eliminated.

Anaplan was developed to enable dynamic, collaborative intelligent planning. And this regardless of the quantity or complexity of your data.

The goal? Connect people, data, and plans. This tool ensures that data is imported and processed easier and faster, allowing people to focus on the fun and interesting part, being real-time planning and decision-making in fast-changing business environments.

Anaplan Implementation Services

Anaplan Post-Implementation Services

The stairway to financial heaven

Anaplan is praised for its high level of user friendliness. Whereas Excel and other data tools come across as unwieldy and old-fashioned, Anaplan has a calm and attractive interface.

Modelling in Anaplan is very easy, without having to call in a data scientist or programmer. This makes your planners and controllers independent and does not slow them down. Your data experts and programmers can then focus on their own areas of expertise.

Implementation services

At Numlix we take care of overall Anaplan implementation projects. From zero to full go live. We have our own model builders, solution architects and project managers. All Anaplan certified and many with a background in Financial Planning & Controlling.

Further expertise: BI, Qlik, Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI (business analyst – user – dashboard builder), Data Science, SQL, Excel (!) and Python & R.

Continuity of Expertise (Anaplan Post-Implementation)

We find that even when you are already live, changes are requested, or reports need to be linked to other departments. And that’s no problem! You can count on us for:

People (with our Anaplan model builders)

  • Continuity and support of your Anaplan model & sharing of expertise (Hypercare and/or Change management)
  • Audit
  • Improvements


Full range of Training Courses we run for Financial Planning & Business Controlling Teams like yours.