Harmonizing Finance: The Symphonic Power of Anaplan

Step into the rhythm of financial evolution with Anaplan, where CFOs aren’t just number crunchers but the conductors of a finance symphony. Let’s groove through the beats of predictive planning and seamless collaboration, making financial reporting more of a jam session than a solo act.

“Looking forward, looking back”

In partnership with Anaplan, Ufinity-Numlix empowers CFOs and finance teams to transition from retrospective analysis to predictive strategizing. Why, you’re asking? Because we recognize the changing landscape and the increasing importance of planning and forecasting. Anaplan positions CFOs and finance teams as forward-thinkers, offering a platform for scenario analysis and continuously evolving plans to stay ahead.

“Echoes in Harmony”

Anaplan acts as a mirror, reflecting your organization’s operational dynamics digitally. In this seamless digital twin experience, each department’s plans and forecasts are harmoniously linked. By eliminating the spread of information across multiple spreadsheets, Anaplan ensures that changes in one area are immediately echoed throughout the organization. This real-time synchronization streamlines decision-making and enhances strategic agility.

“Come together”

The transformation is not limited to the financial department alone; the entire company must adapt, with the CFO playing a crucial role in leading this transformation.

Ufinity-Numlix champions this transformation, leveraging Anaplan to break down silos, thereby harmonizing different departments into a cohesive unit. By bringing data into a unified platform, Anaplan allows for a collective and informed approach to decision-making, turning the entire organization into an ensemble of proactive strategists and creating one single source of truth.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that alongside Anaplan’s dynamic planning capabilities, Ufinity-Numlix also integrates Fluence’s consolidation and reporting, providing a comprehensive solution for end-to-end financial management.

“Keep it simple”

Anaplan isn’t just about serious business; it’s designed to be agile and user-friendly. Imagine a cloud-native platform that simplifies complex financial processes, making it easy for you to adapt and innovate without needing an IT wizard.

“Message in a Bottle”

Last but not least, Anaplan extends its value beyond the finance department by allowing the creation of premade reports. These reports can be sent our regularly, turning every member of the organization into a stakeholder with a clear understanding of their impact. This approach ensures that the entire company is engaged with and can consume the information.

Embarking on a journey of financial transformation in 2024? Ufinity-Numlix is here to navigate you through every step of your Anaplan implementation. We got your back!


Anaplan, partnered with Ufinity-Numlix’s strategic experience, is more than a tool. It’s a strategic partner for businesses looking to thrive in an era of constant change. By providing a unified platform for planning, forecasting, and real-time decision-making, Anaplan empowers finance professionals and the entire organization to adapt and succeed in a world where agility and efficiency are vital. In the journey of transforming from a traditional reporting function to a proactive, forward-looking partner in business strategy, Anaplan plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of financial planning.

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