Fluence: Simplifying Finance for The Future

Embrace the new era of financial management with Fluence, that makes data consolidation and precise reporting easier and more reliable. Fluence isn’t just another software; it’s a game-changer in how companies handle their numbers.

Recognizing Financial Needs: More Than Just Numbers

In the financial world, needs are evolving. It’s not just about data collection and number crunching; it’s about making time for what really matters – driving the strategic direction of your organization with financial insights. Fluence addresses these needs head-on, offering solutions for better reporting, efficiency gains, and ultimately, peace of mind in the accuracy of your numbers.

The comprehensive Power of Fluence

Fluence stands out with its comprehensive capabilities. From managing cash flow and complex consolidations to facilitating statutory reporting, the pure-cloud solution covers a wide range of financial functions in a collaborative and user-friendly interface. Its cutting-edge features are designed to address the complex needs of modern finance departments.

Choosing Excellence: Best of Breed with Fluence

In the choice between ‘best of breed’ and ‘all-in-one’ solutions, Fluence represents the best of breed approach. This means opting for a specialized, high-quality solution specifically tailored for financial close, consolidation and reporting, unlike the generic offerings of all-in-one systems.

Modern finance teams value the agility and superior functionality that a modular technology strategy delivers. This approach also enables finance teams to realize value significantly faster because implementation times are drastically shorter.

Focused Expertise: The Strategic Separation

Fluence advocates for a best of breed approach to financial solutions. It specializes in consolidation, distinct from planning tools like Anaplan. This focused approach ensures each of your financial management solutions are fit for purpose, receiving the attention and functionality needed for maximum effectiveness.

Planning to optimize your financial processes in 2024? Partner with Ufinity-Numlix for seamless Fluence implementations. We’ve got your back!


“Choosing Fluence, supported by Ufinity-Numlix’s expertise, is more than adopting new software – it’s a step towards smarter, more strategic financial management. With its precision, efficiency, and clarity, Fluence equips your team to confidently tackle financial challenges and pave the way for success.”

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Anaplan Partner Badge

Numlix earns prestigious Partner Badges in the new Anaplan Partner Accelerate Program

Through unwavering dedication, technical proficiency, and a client-centric approach, Numlix has secured the Solution Advisory and Solution Delivery badges in the new Anaplan Partner Accelerate Program.