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About the customer

HEINEKEN Hrvatska, the Croatian subsidiary of the renowned brewing company HEINEKEN, has a long-standing legacy dating back to 1854. Since entering the Croatian market in 1992 through the acquisition of Zagrebačka Pivovara, HEINEKEN Hrvatska has established itself as a prominent player in the brewing industry. Operating a brewery in Zagreb, they offer a diverse range of beer brands, including popular names like Heineken, Amstel, Karlovačko, and Ožujsko, which are widely available in various establishments across Croatia.

About the project

The project undertaken by HEINEKEN Hrvatska focused on enhancing their Financial Planning & Analysis processes, which were primarily reliant on Excel. However, the company faced several challenges associated with this approach, such as time-consuming reconciliation exercises, limited reporting capabilities, and a lack of flexibility for scenario planning.

To address these challenges, HEINEKEN Hrvatska opted to collaborate with Numlix, a renowned implementation partner specialized in Financial Planning & Analysis, with expertise in implementing Anaplan. This strategic partnership allowed HEINEKEN Hrvatska to leverage the capabilities of Anaplan and realize numerous benefits.

With the adoption of Anaplan, HEINEKEN Hrvatska achieved:

  • More accurate cost planning through alignment with SharpX (S4HANA) logic.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing planning and analysis needs, including mid-cycle price changes.
  • Real-time recalculation of Profit and Loss (P&L) driven by volume plans for Rolling Forecast (ROFO) and Annual Plan (AP).
  • Scenario planning and what-if analysis capabilities.
  • Automated Price Volume Mix (PVM) analysis.
  • Integration of strategic planning with AP and ROFO data.

The adoption of Anaplan brought improved collaboration, reduced errors, and streamlined planning processes for HEINEKEN Hrvatska. Consolidating all inputs and data within a single platform enabled them to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their financial planning activities.

Furthermore, HEINEKEN Hrvatska experienced improved financial management capabilities, increased flexibility, and gained real-time insights through their successful integration of Anaplan into their operations. This transformation has positioned them to make informed strategic decisions and drive their business forward in the dynamic brewing industry.

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