Webinar: 7 tips & tricks on how controllers can benefit from Power BI

With the rise of Power BI and the endless possibilities of the tool to simplify and automate time-consuming tasks in controlling, we hosted a brand new Webinar on the 17th of November.

During this Webinar our colleagues give an answer on how controllers can benefit from Power BI by giving concrete tips & tricks to navigate within the tool. We guide you through 7 concrete situations in which Power BI can help you and your way-of-working. Moreover, you get an insight in PowerBI’s capabilities to simplify and solve these 7 scenarios.

Webinar learnings:

  • How to build real-time dashboards based on data from multiple systems
  • How to set up a date table using DAX
  • How to make P&L flow easily from Excel
  • … and so much more!

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