Webinar: 5 ways how your FP&A team can improve Cost Planning Processes

12u30 - 13u15
Location, Webinar

Cost Budgets and Cost Allocations are usually time-consuming for FP&A teams and involve a lot of stakeholders. Quite often it becomes a trade-off between Cost Transparency and complexity of Cost Planning Processes.

With Cost Pressure going up, Leadership teams ask FP&A teams for more analysis on Cost efficiency and ways to reduce Costs.

Is your FP&A team also looking for ways to make Cost Budgets more controllable but keep them simple? Would you like to know how to survive the Cost Pressure at all times, but not at all costs? Watch our webinar.

Webinar learnings:

  • How to reduce time of gathering Cost Budgets from different stakeholders
  • How to measure and improve Cost Efficiency
    When specific Cost Planning methodologies (like Zero-Based Budgeting and Activity-Based Costing) add value and when generate complexity
  • How to choose right drivers for Cost Allocation
  • How Approval Process will make your Cost Budgets more controllable and not just add to “bureaucracy”.

and … all this with the help of Connected Planning platform called Anaplan.

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