Transfer Pricing Planning Solution

Spreadsheets with error signs, countless tabs, numerous versions and references to locally stored spreadsheets often make planning and “what-if” analysis a lengthy and burdensome process. At Numlix, we believe it can be done differently. Connected Planning allows to step away from the manual spreadsheet processes that businesses perform periodically. Fully business owned and with the same spreadsheet flexibility that you are familiar with.

TAX – Transfer Pricing (Video)

With tax being the ultimate playground for spreadsheets, we have developed a fully customizable Connected Planning solution that prevents year-end surprises and allows your tax function to strategically plan and monitor their organization.

Live Demo

Want to schedule a free and live demo to witness the potential of connected planning in the area of tax and finance? Contact us via Linkedin or email us at . We’re happy to participate in an open discussion on how to make your finance or tax planning function connected and future proof.

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