Session: Storytelling in Data Science

On Thursday the 10th of February, the first edition of Forward in Finance took place. An online Ufinity event for Young Financials to inspire them about the next step in Finance and their career. We, at Numlix, participated with a session on Storytelling in Data Science!

Session: Storytelling in Data Science

In Finance, storytelling is crucial, just think of Planning & Forecasting: comparing different project investment scenarios, variance analysis and financial & management reports or decks. To make all of this clear and usable for management, you must bring your insights together in stories.

What is the session about?

Storytelling is an art, to be sure. But an art in which YOU can become better with the tips from the presentation at the Forward in Finance event.

The presentation gives insights into the 3 aspects that make a good story:

  • Story Structure and Attention Management
  • Neural Science behind storytelling
  • Business Intelligence tools to support your story
Could not make it to the event?

Not to worry! You can review the complete session of Marina (Financial Analyst and Anaplan Modelbuilder) below.

And who knows, perhaps we will see you next year?

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