Alken Maes. Love of craftsmanship.

About the customer

Alken-Maes is the second largest brewing company in Belgium. It was formed in 1988 by the merger of Brewery Maes and the Brewery van Alken. Since 2008, it has been part of the Heineken group. Their mission is to enable customers and consumers to enjoy strong brands and surprising innovations, inspired by our passion and craftsmanship

About the project

At the start of the project, Alken-Maes was using SAP BPC to support them with the budget & estimation process. With the tool becoming outdated in early 2022, the perfect time had come for the Alken-Maes planning team to look for improvements to the then existing planning process. Mainly, to ensure that they no longer had to clash with the limits of their tool capabilities.

This is where Numlix, as a recognized Anaplan implementation partner in Financial Planning & Analysis, came in. The implementation tool Anaplan was chosen by Alken-Maes due to its:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Real-time calculation power
  • Can be owned by the business

As a result, full FP&A process of Alken-Maes has been moved to Anaplan, including:

  • Revenue Planning for 3 different channels
  • Variable COGS and LOGS planning
  • Marketing Costs planning
  • Fixed Costs planning
  • Detailed and flexible Cost Allocation process to Products and Customers
  • Management P&L reporting at the level of Brand and Channel
  • Plan versioning including Annual Plan, Latest Estimate and Rolling Forecast versions

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