Webinar: How to make the right choice for your new FP&A tool?

Thinking of improving your Finance Department processes and performance? While it all starts with finding the right talent, up-to-date FP&A tooling is also crucial.

Numlix event: How to make the right choice for your new FP&A tool?

But how to pick the right tooling? It’s for sure not that obvious. That’s why our Financial Anlysists and Modelbuilders gathered all their Financial Planning & Analysis knowledge and presented it at our online event on Tuesday, the 3rd of May.

What is the webinar about?
  • Where to start with the FP&A tool selection process
  • The different FP&A tools out there
  • The ins and outs of Anaplan
  • The implementation of FP&A tool(s)
Could not make it to the webinar?

We have got your back! You can rewatch the whole session from your couch and learn tips & tricks on how to succeed in selecting the most suitable FP&A tool. ;-)

…and maybe we will see each other again at one of our next webinars or seminars? Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our blogpage for more information!

Watch our webinar
Watch our demo

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