Anaplan go live at Alken Maes

On the 27th of March Alken Maes went live with Anaplan in collaboration with Numlix. Together we made sure that their financial planning is on point and works even more efficiently. Now Thomas, Bianca and Vera look back with us on the process.

What are the advantages of Anaplan?

Thomas: “For me as a user, it improved our lives because everything goes a lot faster. In the past we had to make a lot of calculations ourselves and now Anaplan is doing it for us. Once all the data is uploaded in Anaplan, which is also a semi-automatic process, we only have to play with some figures and we immediately see the bottom-line impact. For example, just changing a price, you immediately see the impact and it is the same with discounts. Everything goes a lot faster and is also more visible. It’s easier to read what the impact of changes is. As a user that is the main advantage.”

Referentie Alken Maes

Bianca: “If you look at the last years, there is a change in requirements because after Covid and the high commodity impact, we deliver more frequent forecasts. Therefore, we need a tool that is flexible, that can handle different scenarios and that can also give real time and fast calculations because you need the information quickly so that you can decide quickly. That is something Anaplan can offer.”

Vera: “Anaplan is a flexible and transparent tool. When something doesn’t go as expected, you can deep-dive and analyze what’s inside. It gives some very broad analytic opportunities.”

How did the implementation go?

Bianca: “It was a long process. We started with a Model Builder that then moved within Heineken. We then found a new Model Builder, but she was not with the project from the start and she had to get to know our company, the processes, the business, etc. It was a difficult process but together with Numlix and Heineken we managed to do it. Even though it took us a bit longer than we expected, with a few tough weeks, the collaboration was always very good. Every time we had questions, there was always a lot of help. I think due to the good collaboration, we managed to deliver the first draft in time.”

Vera: “Not only in time but also with some quality.”

Thomas: “For the users it was the same. It was a long process and sometimes some hard weeks with a lot of testing. And when the result was not the expected result, it had to go back so that changes could be made. It felt like a long process, but these are necessary steps. Everything was always solved in a quick way so that’s the most important. And now we have a tool that is ready for the future.”

Bianca: “This year we expect the full benefits. We are very happy with the results.”

How was the collaboration with Numlix like?

Bianca: “I think from the beginning when we did the requirement workshops, there was a very good contact with Numlix. I also had a feeling that they easily understood our requirements.”

Thomas: “I was also surprised by how fast Numlix understood our business and afterwards when we had issues they always reacted quickly. It was a very good collaboration, I think.”

Vera: “The issues were always picked up very quickly. Numlix understood what we wanted. The result is in line with our expectations.”

Bianca: “They also always tried to think with you and searched for solutions.”

Interested in the implementation of Anaplan and want to team up with us? Then you can always contact us for more information.

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