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Are you looking for…

  • a single source of truth so that your decisions are based on real-time information at all times?
  • a way to minimise number crunching?
  • a way to ensure that your business profiles excel at what they were hired to do?

Then look no further, because Numlix has the answer to your questions. As a trusted service provider to finance departments, we see the daily struggle the CFO office must face to provide the organisation with timely & accurate financials and reporting. Source data and shortcomings in excel still cause sleepless nights & stress for many a finance professional. Our work leads to solid budgeting and financial planning that translates into growth throughout your organization.

Anaplan is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform designed to revolutionize the way organizations plan, analyse, and make informed decisions. With its roots in enterprise performance management and business intelligence, Anaplan empowers companies to transform complex data into actionable insights.

Whether it’s streamlining financial planning, sales forecasting, supply chain management, or any other critical business process, Anaplan provides the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to an ever-changing business landscape.

Fluence Technologies is a leader in the cloud accounting and consolidation space. For too long, financial consolidation tools have been designed to support the world’s largest organizations leaving them hard to use and costly to implement and maintain.

Fluence Technologies is a purpose-built platform easily owned and maintained by finance, all while providing the power and functionality of a corporate solution.

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