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Don't sell, perform and never look back. We take aftercare serious


Competitive pricing because of our sole focus: connected planning in Anaplan


Journey by potential

An approach based on your needs and unlockable potential


We take care of our people. They take care of your project

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We are an agile company that enjoys the backing and strength of a large group. As a part of Cronos Groep, Belgium’s largest IT incubator, we are able to focus on our core business: transforming our client’s excel processes into Connected Planning environments.


We help our clients to simplify their planning cycle and eliminate spreadsheets processes. Our Anaplan solutions allows companies to save costs and make more data-driven decisions in finance, tax and sales.

Anaplan expertise


  • Transfer Pricing
  • Global Tax
  • Service charges
  • Profitability monitoring
  • Profit Split mechanisms


  • Profit statements
  • Budgets
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Cost allocations
  • Cash flow


  • Sales forecasts
  • Territories
  • Reps
  • Quotas
  • Incentives


Ufinity supports and advises financial department from A to Z, and transforms it into a well-oiled machine. Together with their clients, Ufinity proactively considers the most efficient applications and to make sure financial team are in their best shape possible - at any given time.

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Cronos Groep is the largest IT group in Belgium, active in a number of innovative sectors. The company seeks to serve as a catalyst for the development of scientific research on new technologies into business solutions.

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Connecting The Dots is a network of analytics companies within Cronos Groep. By using visual and advanced analytics to understand and predict business outcomes, they create the insights you need to execute strategy on every level in your organisation.

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Connecting The Dots