Webinar: How FP&A teams can bring Scenario Planning to the next level

12u30 - 13u15
Location, Webinar

Scenario Planning has lately become a vital skill for FP&A professionals. According to Association of Financial Professionals, Scenario Planning & Analysis is one of the key processes required to build a modern FP&A organization. However only 28% of time is allocated by FP&A teams to this type of activity. Making Scenarios “on the fly” and immediately discussing them with Business Leadership seems to your FP&A team as “mission impossible”?

Webinar learnings:

  • What kind of Scenarios exist
  • What the technics of Scenario Planning are
  • How to integrate Scenario Planning in your FP&A Planning Processes
  • Why the software tool can “make or break” Scenario Planning success for your FP&A team
  • How Multi Level “On the fly” Scenario Planning is done in Connected Planning Platform called Anaplan

In short: What your FP&A team needs to know about Scenario Planning to make it work today.

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