Webinar: How to bring the 'A' back to FP&A

Together with Anaplan

How to bring the 'A' back to FP&A

FP&A teams are working hard through the periods of financial and economical uncertainty.

Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Re-forecasting and Consolidating across multiple units, calculating Financial Models, analyzing and comparing CapEx projects, optimizing Operational Expenses when assumptions and drivers are constantly changing might take a lot of manual work, extrahours and frustration.

Sounds familiar? Yes… Could it be different? Yes!

Companies using Intelligent FP&A Solutions based on Connected Planning approach notice significant changes in efficiency of their planning teams.
It results in FP&A work becoming more analytical, interactive and dynamic

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce time and costs of your budget process
  • Implement a rolling forecasting proces
  • Automate FP&A scrorecards & dashboards
  • Drill down from strategic planning to annual target setting
  • Make financial scenarios in real-time

… all this by using just one intelligent FP&A solution called Anaplan.

Our webinar host

Marina is an international professional with 11+ years hands-on experience in Financial Planning & Analysis processes.

Through her career at agricultural multinational Cargill she configured and implemented several management reporting systems and visualization tools to streamline the process of budgeting, cost & margin optimization & forecasting.

For the last three years Marina has continued serving Cargill in Belgium as Financial Planning & Analysis Lead in R&D. In this role she has been helping Cargill Food Ingredients & Bio-Industrial Business to drive Innovation process performance through meaningful Innovation project portfolio management & execution of Innovation metrics.

Currently Marina is a business consultant of Numlix and Certified Anaplan Model Builder.


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