Why Anaplan + PowerBI is a powerful pair of choice for Financial Planning & Controlling Teams in 2021

21/01/2021 | 12u30-13u15

If you have never heard of Anaplan and you are in Finance, definitely check it out in 2021. The same goes for PowerBI.  Anaplan is loved by Finance Teams as Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution hugely successful on European market. PowerBI is a Business Intelligence Tool of Choice for Financial Planning & Controlling Teams flawlessly integrated with other powerful Microsoft services and solutions. 

While both solutions are great we notice at Numlix that Finance Teams tend to struggle with understanding core differences between them. Specifically, Finance Teams are quite often confronted with a range of typical multi-tool challenges:

  • How would your team better share reporting outside Finance, with Management Teams.
  • Where shall your organization store financial data, like Budgets and Forecasts, but also Master Data owned by Finance.
  • How to make planning interactive and organize collection of inputs from other departments like Sales, HR, Marketing, etc.
  • How to avoid doubling of functionality and cost of multiple tools in use?

Best-In class organizations overcome those challenges by combining Anaplan with PowerBI wisely.

Join our Numlix webinar and learn:

  • What are the similarities and what are the differences between Anaplan and PowerBI.
  • When Anaplan and PowerBI are a powerful pair and when this is not the case.
  • Why to start up with Anaplan if your team is already working with PowerBI.
  • How to connect PowerBI to Anaplan using native Anaplan + PowerBI connector.
  • Use Case demonstration: Plan CapEx in Anaplan and set up CapEx reporting in PowerB

Our webinar host

Marina is an international professional with 11+ years hands-on experience in Financial Planning & Analysis processes.

Through her career at agricultural multinational Cargill she configured and implemented several management reporting systems and visualization tools to streamline the process of budgeting, cost & margin optimization & forecasting.

For the last three years Marina has continued serving Cargill in Belgium as Financial Planning & Analysis Lead in R&D. In this role she has been helping Cargill Food Ingredients & Bio-Industrial Business to drive Innovation process performance through meaningful Innovation project portfolio management & execution of Innovation metrics.

Currently Marina is a business consultant of Numlix and Certified Anaplan Model Builder.

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