Training: Excel Pivot tables & data analysis

Training Excel
5/12 - 14/12
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Location, Veldkant 13, 2250 Kontich

Join our 2-day Basic T SQL training and get an introduction to the Set Theory and the basic SQL Internals.


Working with Tables

  • Difference between a list and a table (and switching between the two)
  • Table settings and formatting
  • Reference to columns and cells in a table
  • Sorting and filtering (the default options)
  • Creating more complex filters with the advanced filter
  • Sorting and filtering via the SORT, FILTER and UNIQUE functions

Extend tables

  • Extend tables using XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH
  • Extract and combine data via LEFT, MID, RIGHT, LEN, CONCATENATE, REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE

Tables Check

  • Controls via SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, COUNTA-RANK and conditional rank via COUNTIFS
  • Use conditional functions to improve your results: IF,IFERROR, AND, OR … FIND/SEARCH
  • Grouping and aggregating data via simple PivotTables

Power Query

Several of the above steps can also be done (better) using Power Query. Hence, we want to spend enough time on loading and transforming data through Power Query

  • Importing data from different sources
  • Working and correcting Data Types such as dates and commas
  • Deleting columns and rows-Adjusting data through transformations
  • Add conditional columns
  • Data load to Excel and/or the Data Model

Working in the Data Model

  • What is the data model-Calculating columns
  • Combining data from different tables via RELATED, RELATEDTABLE and LOOKUPVALUE
  • Creating simple measures

Save as

Saving files in different formats o. a.o.

  • CSV with custom encodings
  • CSV with custom delimiter (separator)


€250 excl. BTW for 1 day
€450excl. BTW for 2 days

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