This is how we do it at Numlix

Our niche is FP&A

We know what we are talking about, because our colleagues come from different financial consulting backgrounds. We know the priorities, the objectives and the hick-ups within such departments. In terms of background and education, we are in the same target group.

Close to our customers

We are an agile, dedicated and flexible team which makes us the best choice for Anaplan first used case implementations of:

  • Revenue Planning
  • Cost Planning
  • Rolling Forecasting
  • Allocation Modelling
  • All types of P&L Reporting
  • CapEx Planning
  • Balance Sheet & Cashflow Reporting
  • Financial Scenario Planning
  • Long-term Strategic Planning
From zero to (full) client independency

Apart from implementations we take care of continuity projects for existing Anaplan clients and we offer trainings…don’t stop us now!

  • Solving for a lack of resources
  • Improving modelbuilding skills for existing model builders
  • Having a fresh look at existing Anaplan solutions
No diggity a solid partner

Once we are immersed into the process analysis, you can count on our fast, hands-on and professional presales team. They make sure to produce a customized demo based on client’s data in the presales process.

Our colleagues speak the language of the business seeing to it that the CFO (and his or her team) feels little to no technical barrier and that information is generated from both sides.

Smells like team spirit

At Numlix, we are continuously investing in attracting new talent and we encourage our in-house team to boost their skills and knowledge by providing them a full range of training courses.

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