Anaplan & Salesforce

Anaplan & Salesforce: the ultimate sales solution 

Salesforce, the undisputed leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Anaplan, a pioneer of Connected Planning in the world of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), are both considered as leaders in the world of cloud software.

While both platforms are undoubtedly of great value on a standalone basis, the combination of both has proven to be a powerful match between sales execution and sales planning. Many of Salesforce’s applications allow for exponential value creation when used in conjunction with Anaplan’s planning software.


Where Execution meets Planning [Sales]

In every sales model, revenue growth and customer success depend on two core abilities:

  • Strategic planning; and
  • Flawless execution.

As of today, both core abilities are often still handled in silos with little to no interaction. The combination Salesforce-Anaplan allows companies to seamlessly integrate data and insights for both core abilities. This integration drastically reduces time needed for planning and reporting cycles, empowering the company to save costs and let sales people focus on what they do best: selling!


Plan. Measure. Adapt. 

In times where economic instability and digital disruption has become the new normal, companies are increasingly looking to track the progress of their strategic plan. This equally applies to sales plans. 

Economic uncertainty, Brexit, trade wars and other geopolitical changes can drastically impact your sales figures. Being able to measure the impact and plan ahead for changes, allows your company to correct its course even before the damage is done.

Salesforce Anaplan


The combination of Salesforce and Anaplan allows you to validate sales progress against the sales plan in real-time. Instead of awaiting the hit after the quarter’s closing, companies are empowered to take immediate actions and change course throughout the period. In case of rapid growth, companies thereby also have the insights to quickly plan for growth and expand the current sales team. By having this information in real-time, decisions that will boost sales can be made faster than ever before.


What-if modelling

When planning and execution data meet at this powerful intersection, one of the most requested and valuable business tool becomes available: modelling. By unleashing what-if analysis on the real-time sales data, sales departments can quickly model the impact of, for example:

  • Promotions
  • Advertisements
  • Price changes
  • Incentive plans
  • Volume changes
  • ….

By having the ability to model in real-time, sales departments can make more data-driven decisions based on valuable Salesforce data.


The Anaplan App [Salesforce AppExchange]

Anaplan is listed in the AppExchange of Salesforce, enabling a seamless integration between both platforms.


Brightfox and Numlix have joined their expertise on the respective platforms in order to help companies unlocking the full value of their sales data. The proven combination of the two cloud software pioneers allows your company to manage the sales cycle from beginning to end.

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