Solid financial planning is key in achieving growth across an organisation. Digital disruption, economic volatility and organizational changes have, however, transformed planning processes into rapidly changing environments. Complex chains of excel files do no longer meet today’s planning needs. In order to make your financial planning future-proof, we look at planning from a digital perspective. 

Connected Planning in Anaplan offers three crucial elements for successful planning:

Informed decisions

Business ownership



To successfully transform spreadsheet processes and help companies achieve a state of Connected Planning, Numlix provides the following services:


Partner with business units and stakeholders to jointly create Anaplan user stories that generate valuable insights

Think big. Start small.


Jointly build Anaplan modules and dashboards that bring your user stories to life and make your planning future proof

Build consistently.

Training & Support

Train and support users to maximize the potential of the Anaplan model and sustain a balanced planning environment

Don't worry, we don't run away.

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