Seminar Anaplan + Power BI: Catch a new wave in Financial Planning & Controlling

Numlix Seminar
8u - 10u | 12u - 14u
Location, Veldkant 13 (Kontich)

If you have never heard of Anaplan and you are in Finance, definitely check it out in 2021. The same is valid for Power BI.

  • Anaplan is loved by Finance Teams as Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution and is hugely successful on European market.
  • Power BI is a Business Intelligence Tool of Choice for Financial Planning & Controlling Teams flawlessly integrated with other powerful Microsoft services and solutions.

While both solutions are great we notice at Numlix that Finance Teams tend to struggle with understanding core differences between them.

Specifically, Finance Teams are quite often confronted with a range of typical multi-tool challenges:

  • How would your team better share reporting outside Finance, with Management Teams?
  • Where shall your organization store financial data, like Budgets and Forecasts, but also Master Data owned by Finance?
  • How to make planning interactive and organize collection of inputs from other departments like Sales, HR, Marketing, etc.?
  • How to avoid dubbing of functionality and cost of multiple tools in use?

Our first-ever Numlix Seminar

Best-in-class organizations overcome those challenges by combining Anaplan with Power BI wisely. That is why we at Numlix are organizing our first-ever Seminar for financials who are curious about the BI and planning tools of the future, and how to unite them.

Clear your schedule on the 18th of November for a breakfast (8u – 10u) or a lunch (12u – 14u) session, and catch up on the ins and outs of the digital dreamteam of the future: Anaplan & Power BI!

P.S.: Who knows, at the end of our Seminar you might be the proud owner of a free personalized PoC in Anaplan or a training course in Power BI.

Join our seminar and you’ll learn:

  • What are the similarities and what are the differences between Anaplan and Power BI?
  • When are Anaplan and Power BI a powerful duo and when not?
  • Why should you start with Anaplan if your team is already working with Power BI?
  • How do you connect Power BI to Anaplan using the native Anaplan + Power BI connector?
  • How do you combine the tools in practice? Planning in Anaplan and reporting in Power BI.

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