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Webinar: 5 ways how your FP&A team can improve Cost Planning Processes

29/10/2020 | 12u30-13u15

Cost Budgets and Cost Allocations are usually time-consuming for FP&A teams and involve a lot of stakeholders. Quite often it becomes a trade-off between Cost Transparency and complexity of Cost Planning Processes.

With Cost Pressure going up, Leadership teams ask FP&A teams for more analysis on Cost efficiency and ways to reduce Costs.

Is your FP&A team also looking for ways to make Cost Budgets more controllable but keep them simple? Would you like to know how to survive the Cost Pressure at all times, but not at all costs?

Join the Numlix webinar and learn:

  • How to reduce time of gathering Cost Budgets from different stakeholders
  • How to measure and improve Cost Efficiency
    When specific Cost Planning methodologies (like Zero-Based Budgeting and Activity-Based Costing) add value and when generate complexity
  • How to choose right drivers for Cost Allocation
  • How Approval Process will make your Cost Budgets more controllable and not just add to “bureaucracy”.

and … all this with the help of Connected Planning platform called Anaplan.

Webinar: How FP&A teams can bring Scenario Planning to the next level 

19/11/2020 | 12u30-13u15

Scenario Planning has lately become a vital skill for FP&A professionals. According to Association of Financial Professionals, Scenario Planning & Analysis is one of the key processes required to build a modern FP&A organization. However only 28% of time is allocated by FP&A teams to this type of activity. Making Scenarios “on the fly” and immediately discussing them with Business Leadership seems to your FP&A team as “mission impossible”?

Join the Numlix webinar and learn:

  • What kind of Scenarios exist
  • What the technics of Scenario Planning are
  • How to integrate Scenario Planning in your FP&A Planning Processes
  • Why the software tool can “make or break” Scenario Planning success for your FP&A team
  • How Multi Level “On the fly” Scenario Planning is done in Connected Planning Platform called Anaplan

Just join us and learn all what your FP&A team needs to know about Scenario Planning to make it work today.

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Webinar: How your FP&A team can reduce both Time & Cost of your Budget process

For most organizations Budget Process takes too long. In average it takes 4-5 months per year with 60% of organization directly involved into Planning process. FP&A Teams work extra hard in times of Budget Process. Business teams usually perceive it as a painful yearly event which requires a lot of effort and yields disproportionally less value.

Why is this happening?

Budget Process, historically designed to generate Budgets, is used today to solve several quite different business planning needs:

Annual Planning, Target Setting, Forecasting and sometimes even Strategic Planning and Sales & Operations Planning.

As a consequence, Budget Process becomes an expensive, time-consuming event, failing to deliver a desired output.

In this Numlix webinar you learn:
  • What the 3 main reasons are why Budget Process takes excessive time
  • How best-in-class Budget Process Timeline looks like
  • How to calculate Total Cost of your Budget Process and reduce it
  • How Connecting Planning Platform called Anaplan can accelerate Planning Processes for your FP&A team.

.. and make Budget Process a “non-event” for your organization!

Webinar: How to bring back the 'A' to FP&A​

FP&A teams are working hard through the periods of financial and economical

Planning, budgeting, forecasting, re-forecasting and consolidating across multiple units,
calculating financial models, analyzing and comparing CapEx projects, optimizing operational expenses when assumptions and drivers are constantly changing might take a lot of manual work, extra hours and frustration.

Sounds familiar? Yes… Could it be different? Yes!

Together with Anaplan we organised a webinar in which you’ll learn how.


Webinar: Let Connected planning bring Finance and Supply Chain in sync

PART 1: Let Connected planning bring Finance and Supply Chain in sync
PART 2: The Connected Finance – Supply Chain showcase lab in Anaplan 
The current challenging market environment requires Finance and Supply Chain to stay aligned like never before. The answer lies in End-to-End Scenario Management and Integrated Business Planning.

See how Connected Planning with Anaplan supports making these decisions and trade-offs visible in a this seminar with Bluecrux (business partners in Supply Chain planning).

Learn to:

  • Use Anaplan to bridge the gap between Finance an Supply Chain.
  • Allign Supply Chain plans with Finance Budgeting & Forecasting. 
  • Improve margins with true end-to-end scenario management. 
  • Improve retunrns on Supply Chain CapEx projects
  • Align inventory policies to working capital targets. 
  • Increase product profitability while decreasing Supply Chain costs. 


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