Let’s meet Céderic

Our ever-smiling, ambitious and mature colleague who has experience in accounting, audit and treasury.


  • Course in Datacamp
  • Master in Business Engineering
  • Power BI Expert


  • Systems: Power BI, Anaplan, Excel, D365, Navision, R
  • Languages: Dutch, French and English
  • Sectors: Facility Management, Pharma, Transport
Pasfoto Céderic


Some Numlix project’s in detail…

Vaultspeed + Power BI

Vaultspeed is a fast-growing SaaS company specialized in data warehouse automation. A fast-moving company needs flexible business tools and that’s why Vaultspeed decided to implement Power BI with Numlix as a partner.

Céderic participated as a Power BI consultant in the project making the following realizations:

  • Implementation of the dashboard where P&L, balance sheet and cashflow actuals can be compared to the budget.
  • Integration of foreign entities in the dashboards
  • Creation of a report where actual Annual Recurring Revenue can be compared to the forecasted Annual Reincurring Revenues across regions, countries, product categories etc.
Saint Gobain + Anaplan

In the past, Saint-Gobain Benelux performed its budget & planning cycle in Excel, which had as a drawback that its process relied on complex and slow Excel files that were error-prone. Multiple Excel files were sent back and forth which made the data integrity lost.

That is why Saint-Gobain decided to implement the Anaplan tool in cooperation with Numlix. This created the possibility to perform the budget & planning process based on a single source of truth, with all the data real-time available in the cloud.

Céderic supported the project from start to finish as an Anaplan model builder by participating in the process design, implementing the proposed solutions, testing, creating user-friendly dashboards, and delivering after-sales support.

Lineas + Anaplan

In the last couple of years, Lineas team has been significantly improving their business processes in general and Financial Planning & Analysis processes in particular.

A controlling team’s focus was on improving a system landscape for planning, which included mostly Excel templates.

In 2021 Lineas opted to implement the Anaplan tool together with Numlix.

Céderic has joined the implementation team as Anaplan model builder with a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Participating in Process Design for Revenue, Fixed Semi Fixed Costs Planning and Management P&L reporting and analysis.
  • Developing Anaplan Model configuration which should be accurate, clear and concise, and fully customized basis agreed process design
  • Creating Dashboards in Anaplan for planning and reporting purposes, testing them with client team, collecting and processing improvement suggestions
  • Participating in Project meetings, teams discussion and bringing suggestions on the model improvements
EG + Anaplan

EG has implemented and has been successfully using Anaplan for Sales Budgeting and Forecasting, Cost Management, P&L reporting.

When there was a sudden lack of model building skills within EG team, Céderic has jumped in to provide immediate support during the ongoing forecasting and budget cycle.

It required to be able to learn the business specifics and existing model configuration within a period of a couple of days to start delivering value to the client.

As a result Budget has been successfully finalized, and working alongside with the client Céderic tackled budgeting, forecasting and ERP – recon related questions and implemented improvements in the model.